GTA Commercial Lawn Care

Commercial lawns require regular maintenance and continuous care to preserve its healthy look. The team at Greenblock has the knowledge and the dedication to provide the care that will enhance the look and the functionality of your valued lawn!

  • Over 15+ years of experience.
  • Enhanced the look of 100s of Ontario’s commercial lawns.
  • With the updated tools and skillset in our inventory

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Lawn Care


How do I know what services I need to maintain my commercial lawn?

Great question! Often, it is completely reasonable to question if your commercial lawn requires any further care or not. In such scenarios, getting a professional's input can provide the most reliable and educated conclusions, as a team of experienced commercial lawn care professionals can identify the needs and the improvements that your property can benefit from, which may not be visible at the first sight.


How much would it cost to maintain my commercial lawn and/or the rest of the property?

Questioning the cost of servicing a commercial property is one of the most commonly asked questions by our valued clients. Yet, as every commercial property has its own unique needs and features, it is not objectively possible to give a set price for its service without having a look in person. Therefore, the team at Greenblock is here to provide you with a completely free estimate to have an answer to your question. Contact us today to book your free appointment to have our team take a look at your commercial lawn!


How do I know if my property is considered as 'commercial'?

If your property is described as any of the classifications below, it can be considered as 'commercial";

• Industrial complex(es)
• Business complex(es)
• Stand-alone business(es)
• Government buildings and properties
• Residential complexes and condominium(s)


Should I trust Greenblock with my commercial lawn?

For many commercial properties, lawns can be noticed as the front face of the businesses and establishments. Knowing this, the team at Greenblock is dedicated to showing the utmost care to look after your property. Having a comprehensive list of client projects to showcase in addition to the customer reviews that are publicly disclosed, the Greenblock takes pride in having a reputation that can be referred to by its valued customers.

Sal Ditta Owner, Greenblock

A company you can rely on

“ We are very proud to have grown into a well trusted company, I can easily say our success over the many years has be achieved by many things, but what is very important to us is working closely with our clients to make sure their wants and needs are accomplished, reliability, and making your property look better then the rest. With state of the art well maintained equipment and a professional, trained and knowledgeable staff. Greenblock is the company you can count on. ”

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