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Establishing the fresh, green look of your lawn is closer than ever! The team at Greenblock has the years of expertise and the suitable tools to address any of your sodding needs!

  • Over 15+ years of experience in the industry.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Sodding


Why would I prefer sodding over seeding?

Sodding produces the rapid results of providing the fresh, green lawn for your property with the absence of waiting for the grass to reach its growth, which can vary due to environmental factors and the soil quality. With 15+ years of experience in the industry, Greenblock has the expertise to establish and enhance the beautiful look that your lawn deserves, completing the look of your residential or commercial property.


Can sodding benefit the look and the functionality of my property?

Commercial & residential properties often require unique solutions due to their distinct characteristics and features. The team at Greenblock has the expertise of identifying and providing solutions to enhance and maintain the look of the valued properties they have worked with. Lawns can be the first element of your property that is noticed by your visitors, and, knowing this, Greenblock has the appropriate solutions for your property to reach the ideal look it deserves - while presenting a refreshing environment to both visitors and owners!


Can I trust Greenblock with my property?

Questioning the reliability of any service is a process that every company should embrace. Knowing this, with the vision of providing exceptional customer service to all their clients, Greenblock has a publicly disclosed gallery of prior projects and a variety of platforms that reflect customer reviews. Therefore, Greenblock takes pride in 15+ years of well-established reputation in the industry and aims to provide a transparent service to all of their existing and future clients!


Can sodding be done on both commercial and residential properties?

Absolutely! Establishing the fresh, green look of a lawn can benefit any property with no limitation to its classification. Whether it is your visitors to your residential property or customers of your commercial property, a brighter, well-established lawn that is established through a carefully done sodding procedure can look more appealing to any eye!

Sal Ditta Owner, Greenblock

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“ We are very proud to have grown into a well trusted company, I can easily say our success over the many years has be achieved by many things, but what is very important to us is working closely with our clients to make sure their wants and needs are accomplished, reliability, and making your property look better then the rest. With state of the art well maintained equipment and a professional, trained and knowledgeable staff. Greenblock is the company you can count on. ”

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